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International World Fusion band MYNTA – India Concert Tour Oct 13 -25, 2010 to launch it’s new album

AMG India proudly announces the India launch of World Fusion band MYNTA’s 12th album, Meetings in India. The album will be released  through a Live Webcast of its Launch Concert on Oct 13, 2010. This new album release occurs as Mynta celebrates its 30th year as a band. Through these 30 years, Mynta has been active in many realms, playing hundreds of concerts in festivals, jazz clubs, folk music gatherings, rock clubs and schools. Mynta has appeared in major festivals in Scandinavia, England, Scotland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, USA, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, Singapore, China and more than anywhere else, India, where Mynta is touring for the 6th time from Oct 13 -25, 2010. In each and every location, the public has reacted enthusiastically to Mynta’s unique and special “sound”.

Each of Mynta’s members are accomplished soloists. Most visible amongst them is Indian tabla-master Fazal Qureshi, the brother of the legendary Zakir Hussain. Violinist Santiago Jimenez hails from Havana, Cuba. Mynta provides the perfect setting for his virtuosity to blossom. Flautist Dallas Smith hails from Reno, USA. In addition to the silver flute, Dallas plays the clarinet, soprano sax, and the Indian bansuri.

The Swedish half of Mynta consists of the elegant guitarist Max Åhman, who composes much of Mynta’s music. Percussionist Sebastian Printz contributes many musical colors through a variety of instruments, such as the African djembe, Arabian darbouka, South American cajon, etc. Last but not least among Mynta’s six members is bassist Christian Paulin, who has been Mynta’s leader from its beginning in 1979.

Meetings in India was recorded in three separate locations, partly in a studio in Stockholm, partly in a studio in Southern Sweden during a free day on their 2009 Swedish tour, and partly in a studio in Mumbai during Mynta’s 2008 India tour.

Mynta’s latest album Meetings in India is a beautiful blend of Indian tradition, African and Latin American rhythms, Reggae, Arabian sounds and Swedish folk influences. The result is world-class world-music!

On the upcoming India tour, Mynta will perform a varied mix of concerts, right from an only for Web concert to Club gigs to Outdoor Venues to Auditoriums to Devotional Festivals. The tour will be followed extensively by the Media.

Oct 13: Album Launch Concert Webcast to a World audience on, 5pm onwards

Oct 14: Mumbai concert for the Lokhandwala Durgotsav, 9pm onwards

Oct 22: Bangalore concert at Club OPUS, 9 pm onwards

Oct 23: Delhi concert at IIT Delhi’s festival Rendezvous ’10, 5pm onwards

Oct 24: Mumbai concert at Blue Frog, 9.30pm onwards



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