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SILK [Shankar Mahadevan]

India’s No.1 Fusion Band !


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Comprising of heavyweights from the Indian music industry, this band derives its name from the names of its members i.e the world-famous percussionist Sivamani, national award winning multi-talented singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan, the mathemagician Sridhar Parthsarthy, the face of Indian Jazz Louiz Banks [Keyboards] & India’s best bassist Karl Peters. SILK is “Indo-Jazz fusion” at it’s very best – the interpenetration of Indian Classical & modern Western jazz into a sound as smooth as ‘silk’ – pure SILK !

While his vocals are secure in their Carnatic roots, when the leading inspiration of the band keyboardist Louiz Banks is changing the harmony, Shankar picks up the sense of tonal direction, weighing & shaping the notes thus seemingly carrying forward with him. Balancing him at the other end of the tonal spectrum, Karl Peters on bass combines with his rhythmic impetus a proper feeling for Indian modes & melodies, leading to Jazz being made out of truly Indian material. World percussionist Sivamani, the driving rhythmic force behind SILK, provides his extraordinary rhythmic virtuosity, charismatic presence & dynamic showmanship. Mridangam specialist Sridhar also has command over the Kanjira, Ghatam & also the Bamboo flute, leading to lyricism in his rhythmic explorations.

OPTION: If Shankar Mahadevan is unavailable, he could be substituted by talented Indian Classical singer Sanjeev Chimmalgi. Additionally, Sivamani can be replaced with Gino Banks. This line-up is called FUSION MESSENGERS.

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