Artiste Management & more!

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AMG India provides Artiste Management & Professional Consultancy Services within the entertainment industry.

Artiste Management:

AMG India manages the professional career of musicians. It identifies and signs up budding as well as established live performers, with the right Talent, Attitude and Dedication (i.e. TAD which AMG defines as the ‘X’ factor), and helps them reach their ‘true’ potential. Apart from representing the artiste and managing the routine activities of their professional career, AMG also helps the artiste chart out a Brand plan to develop their ‘Brand Identity’ and leverage on the ‘Equity’ created.

More specifically, this includes,

  • Talent Search at Live Performance Venues
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses of the signed artistes and work out a unique Brand Plan for them
  • Grooming the artistes on various aspects including Live performance presentation, Image, Media interaction, etc.
  • Putting together the ‘right’ support team for the artistes i.e. Trainers for Voice/Instrument, band/musicians, financial & legal advisers, PR agency, Digital Marketing team, etc.
  • Market the artistes to Major Music Companies for album contracts
  • Marketing, Publicity & Distribution of Independent artistes’ album
  • Market the artistes’ Live performances to Event Mgmt. companies & Negotiate with them
  • Draft & Execute contracts with Music companies & Event Companies on behalf of the artistes
  • Keep a constant tab on the artistes’ progress via-a-vis the Brand Plan and review the Plan accordingly
  • Develop & Maintain the Artiste Fan base, Press & other Media Relations
  • Ensuring all the press releases, publicity and promotional material are in sync with the artistes’ image
  • Damage Control i.e. Rebuilds image in case of negative publicity

Here’s a nice article for the uninitiated, on the 10 primary roles of an Artiste Manager


Besides Artiste Management, which is the core competency of AMG India, we also provide professional management and consultancy services to the entertainment industry

  • Consultancy to Corporate Clients and their Event Organisers on Entertainment Content for their Live Events
  • Professional Management & Consultancy to Music Companies on aspects such as Artiste’s Album Launch Event Production and Generating a revenue model through Live Performances
  • Advisory Role [Curators] to Entertainment Venues such as Clubs/Festivals on Live Content