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“DIYA”, under the direction of India’s premier Keyboardist/composer Louiz Banks, takes pleasure in bringing together a rare blend of western jazz with indian classical music.

The music of this fusion ensemble is Lyrical, Rhythmic and Spontaneous… and that is the key to their spellbinding interaction of musical ideas to enthral audiences with an Explosion of melody, harmony and pulsating rhythm . The heartbeat and pulse of this band emanates from India but resonates to the far corners of the universe in a celebration of love, hope and joy.

Besides Louiz, the band features 4 of the most dynamic, young musicians on the World Music Scene. Sitar Virtuoso Pt. Ravi Chary and the new age Tabla player Satyajit Talwalkar represent the Indian Classical section of the band. India’s finest Drums-n-Bass duo Gino Banks & Sheldon D’silva make the band ‘complete’ in the truest sense.

Get set to get Enlightened by the music of “DIYA” !!

Live Performance Showreel:

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AAKRUTI – Jazz Fusion with Kathak & Laavni !

This is a truly wow, audio-visual delight – a fresh & unique concept depicting ‘Fusion’ in the truest sense. This act not only has a fusion of different genres of music but also a fusion of different art forms – dance and music. Brainchild of legendary pianist Louiz Banks, Aakruti features beautiful danseuse Adittee Bhagwat, performing both the Kathak and Laavni dance forms in a mesmerising jugalbandi with an Indo-Jazz Fusion ensemble (comprising Louiz on keyboards, the young and dynamic Drums-n-Bass duo of Gino Banks & Sheldon D’silva, Shadab Roshan Bhartiya (Indian percussions), Raju Salvi (Dholki), Shefali Alvarez (Vocals)).

Aakruti Kathak full band1

Adittee, who’s a renowned exponent of both the Kathak & Laavni dance forms and also a popular film & TV actress, presents a very stylised choreography to Jazz maestro Louiz brand of World music, making it a much sought after Live act amongst International as well as Indian audiences. Budgets permitting, Jazz ballet dancer Vragesh Anand & Laavni singer Smita Patil can be added to make the presentation even more interesting!

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Louiz Banks BROTHERHOOD (feat. Gary Lawyer) 

The brotherhood, a versatile jazz group equally at home in all the various styles of jazz interpretation, from swing jazz to acid jazz is a jazz quartet, is led by Louiz Banks, the jazz guru of India. The members of the band are mix of young and seasoned pros of the Indian Jazz music scene. Gino Banks on drums is the powerhouse that propels the band to dizzying heights. Sheldon D’silva on bass is the young virtuoso with a dazzling technique who deftly anchors the band’s unique arrangements. The classically trained bass baritone Gary Lawyer sings equally comfortably in the tenor range.

Louiz is the backbone and driving force of the band and he sets the direction of the music. His genius is apparent from the range of music he’s composed – from the legendary Indian anthem ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ to his International Jazz album ‘Miles from India’ in tribute to Miles Davis – which was nominated for the Grammy Award in ‘08. Gary, known as ‘the man with the Golden Voice’, began his singing career in New York in the 80s. Since his return to India, this classically trained singer with his varied musical influences, began performing sell-out concerts and also released 5 English albums cutting across Pop, Jazz and Rock genres, including a song on a compilation album along with the likes of Kenny Rogers and Don Williams.

The band covers hits of all the ‘big’ Jazz musicians such as Sinatra, Engelbert & Lou Rawlz besides their originals, and even touching upon the ‘rock’ territory at times by doing a Doors cover. All in all the brotherhood is the most progressive and swinging Jazz bands this country has to offer!


Click here to download above Showreel


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