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2011 New Exclusive Acts – Cassini’s Division, Remo Fernandes, The Sivamani Trio

AMG India is proud to announce its 3 brand new ‘exclusive’ live acts for 2011, cutting across genres and age groups.

Last month, we signed on India’s original ‘fusion-rockstar’ REMO FERNANDES for Live performances. This hi-energy act ‘Remo & the Microwave Papadums’ is easily the most interactive and entertaining Live act in the country. With mega Bollywood & Pop hits like Pyaar Ka Signal, Humma, Yeh Hai Jalwa, Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha, O Meri Munni, Bombay City, Flute Song, Huyya Ho, etc., Remo is the most sought after Live performer even today! See video below to know why …

We have also recently signed on India’s most potential ‘hybrid rock’ music export CASSINI’s DIVISION from Kolkata. Been around since 2001, performing it’s distinctive brand of original music, blending Alternative Rock with Hip-hop music set to emotionally charged lyrics and Anthemic melodies, the band is today the most respected band in the Rock circuit. Cassini’s was the Viewers Choice Award winner at the Pan Asia TV competition SUTASI in 2008 and also runners-up at Ch[V] LAUNCH PAD 3 in 2009. The band’s debut album, produced by Simon Henderson from UK, who has worked with Depeche Mode and Alan Parsons Project, has been recently released by Saregama HMV, with an animated video for the same currently doing the round of VH1.  Explore more on the band in the video below …

Starting the New Year, we are also exclusive managing India’s finest drummer, the wiz percussionist SIVAMANI’s brand new Fusion band The SIVAMANI TRIO, also featuring young pianist Stephen Devassy, who not only matches Siva completely in terms of stage histrionics and presence but also leaves everyone stunned with his lightning speed keyboard playing. The trio is completed by child prodigy Sitar player Ravi Chary, who is highly acclaimed by critics and connoisseurs alike for his excellent command over laya and layakari. This trio is known for it’s explosive live act! Watch this video to believe it ….


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