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World Music’s Oldest Touring International band !

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This is World Music’s ‘most popular’ band since Shakti and completed 35 years ‘on the road’ in 2014. It comprises musicians from 4 different continents – band leader Christian Paulin [Bass], Max Ahman [Guitar] & Sebastian Printz [Drums] (all from Sweden), Dallas Smith [Flute & Saxophone] (from USA), Santiago Jimenez Borges [Violin] (from Cuba) and the legendary Ustaad Zakir Hussain’s brother Fazal Qureshi [tabla] from India with guest vocalist Shankar Mahadevan. Mynta will soon be embarking on it’s 9th India tour in 10 years (tentatively in Jan-Feb 2017), since AMG has started managing them. On their India tours, they typically collaborate with all the Indian artistes they’ve performed with over the years, including their original vocalist – the versatile Shankar Mahadevan, Grammy Winning Ghatam maestro Vikku Vinayakram, young Indian classical female vocalist Sniti Mishra, Jazz guru and pianist Louiz Banks, wiz percussionist Sivamani and the mathemagician on Mridangam Sridar Parthsarthy.

Founded in 1979, MYNTA (pronounced as ‘Mint-aa’) graduated from being a Jazz-Rock ‘n’ Funk band to eventually become the unique-most, authentic ‘World Music’ band – blending Swedish folk with Indian Classical, Cuban, African, North American Jazz & Middle Eastern music – music they aptly define as ‘World Class World Music’! Mynta has released 11 albums since then & performed at all prestigious Music Festivals worldwide. AMG India released their brand new album ‘Meetings in India’ in October ’10 to coincide with their ‘30 years’ celebrations.

Listen to some songs from MEETINGS IN INDIA

Mynta Rockumentary & Performance Showreel

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Mynta Performance Showreel (featuring Shankar Mahadevan)

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Mynta Performance Showreel (featuring Vikku Vinayakram)

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